Copy Writing?

I came across a great article with ten great tips for copy writing!  They highlight pointers for writing psychologically engaging ad content that will set you apart from the pack.

Google Adwords Certified!

I did it! I got the certification! I've been working in Adwords for years, helping small businesses get their voice out there but now I can say "I'm official!" Do you need Adwords help? Reach out to me and let me know what questions you're having, I'd more than happy to help educate you !

Facebook Reviews Interrupted

This guy.... oh my goodness do I relate to this guy... he basically has summarized everything I have been thinking so far... WARNING!!!! He uses some offensive language...  

Facebook Advertising Review Series: Episode 4 – Stephanie Nickolich revisted

Week 4 and I have gotten some follow up emails from Stephanie Nickolich. Last week, I clicked into her portal and received an email including the free downloadable she offered: Hi Jennifer Carson, Woo hoo!!!! Your Sales Funnel Mastery is officially here. (It really is like Christmas in your inbox!) Grab your instant Sales Funnel …