Facebook Advertising Review Series: Episode 7 – Rachel Pedersen

Another week and another ad and I’m going to keep the review train running! 😉

…this one was quite short and to the point. See below.

Rachel Pedersen

 · · 

I did it. I became a fully booked social media manager.

– Left my 9-5 ✔️
– Retired my husband ✔️
– Work with dream clients ✔️
– Create my own schedule every day ✔️
– Work from anywhere

I am giving away the secrets to how I did it in this free training – grab your spot now: http://bit.ly/2foaSZP

The EXACT way that I built my portfolio (and income) is going to be taught in this free webinar:

– If you’re looking to become a fully booked social media manager
– If you want a little extra income
– If you’re ready to leave your 9-5 and start a job that you love

…Then this training is for you! I’ll see you on the free training: http://bit.ly/2foaSZP

The EXACT way that I built my portfolio (and income) is going to be taught in this free webinar


Because this one is so short, there isn’t much to review. So I did some digging. I clicked into Rachel’s Facebook page and while some of it is advertising her ability to make YOU a fully booked social media manager… other posts on her wall are really just there to get you to engage with her.


She recently asked this of her followers:



“If you could have a lifetime supply of 1 thing, what would it be?” Hmm… Good question… but if you are the expert in social media management, and that is the thing you are trying to promote… shouldn’t you be engaging your potential clients in that type of content?

… Okay, so her FB page doesn’t give me a lot to go off of so I wanted to explore her website; http://www.RachelPedersen.com.

Type in her domain and it will redirect you to https://rachelpedersen.clickfunnels.com/optin9704002. Not that professional looking to have a domain redirect you away from a traditional domain and to one that clearly is hosted by another… (But, Click Funnels, great option!) Oh, she has another domain too… www.smutrial.com also redirects you to the above site, contained in Click Funnels.

Her site is a bit lackluster, it doesn’t seem all that professional to me. Hiring a brand manager and graphic designer could help her boost her credibility/professionalism

Rachel’s Social Media United course say’s you can gain access to it for just $1! Don’t believe it… clicking it… nope, $1 for seven days then $49/month. This is the Grace Lever method of doing things (also, Grace LOVES CLICK FUNNELS!), there are so very many Grace Lever copycats out there. And why not? She teaches you EXACTLY how to do so! And maybe Rachel isn’t a copycat, I have no hard proof of that, but I’m saying this model is popping up EVERYWHERE. I see it every time I log in to my Facebook account. The more people doing it, the less I want to say yes… and tell me this, if so many people are selling these programs to other people who want to do the same thing… where are the actual “do-ers”??? Where are the people actually implementing the training? Let’s just be blunt, these programs are BS.

Look guys, I don’t know what her program entails but I can assure you this. She isn’t giving you anything you can’t figure out on your own, for free. Don’t fall for this one…

Until next time…


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