Facebook Advertising Review Series: Episode 6- Thrive Hive


Are you losing customers by not being on the first page of search results?

Over 167 billion Google searches occur each month, but 91% of its users don’t click past the first page. Our guide shows you six easy steps to get your business’ website on the first page of search results – starting today.

Week 6! I am so overwhelmed with the ads I am receiving! Literally, every other post on my Facebook feed is an advertiser of some sort.

Thrive Hive caught my eye with one of their advertisements, similar to the one above.


I immediately thought the name was cutesy, and I’m a sucker for cutesy. Hello! www.Inniepreneur.com??? Totes, adorbs right?
Anyway, so the next item that caught my eye was the free offer. A FREE Ebook! Click the links above if you dare… I clicked into it and there were a few fields that were required, my phone number being one of them. I thought, eh, what’s the worst that could happen?
I download the book, I print it, I stuff it into my bag for future reading and alas, work gets away from me, life gets away from me, and I didn’t get a chance to read it. It fell to the bottom of my bag and it stayed there…
…and then I get a phone call. I am in the middle of multi-tasking, two computer screens going, client standing in front of me, someone already on hold and the phone call… Thrive Hive. In the upmost professional way, I let them know I cannot take the call at the time and if they could email me their contact information, I would happily get in touch. Remember, I still hadn’t had the opportunity to read the Ebook. Something I had really, genuinely become interested in.
An email comes in. I know it is from them, I put it on my to-do list. I’m telling you, I’m swamped!
Two days later, another phone call. “I’m sorry, I haven’t had time to read the book yet, I will get back with you as soon as I can, I have your email and your contact information, thank you.”
What else can I do? I don’t have the time, clients and business come first.
About a week after I first downloaded the Ebook, I finally grabbed it out of the bottom of my bag and it was a lot of generic information I was already aware of.
6-Ways-Ebook-2017 –  Here is the Ebook by the way.
So after I had read the book and determined, I probably am not in need of the services being offered by Thrive Hive, mind you, this began in the pursuit of information because they targeted me with an ad… I receive one last phone call.
Paula calls me and again, not a good time. The phone rings and a client is walking in the front door. I tell her as kindly as I can, I do not have time for the phone call, I have her email if I need to contact her and this, apparently, is the last straw for Paula…
She becomes hostile, unprofessional and obviously irritated with what she feels is the “brush off”, when in truth, she’s just got really bad timing.
Sales are hard, having to cold call and be persistent, it is hard. I know this, I worked in commercial television sales. But, getting upset with the prospective client, is not the way to land a deal. So, knowing that the product is not something I am interested in, and Paula is not someone I would want to work with. Looks like that is it for me and Thrive Hive.

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